Caturday Cafe in Bangkok, Review

Cat Cafes have been getting more and more popular in recent years all over the world. Caturday Cafe was the first cat cafe we ever visited. It was an extremely unique and lovely experience. Now every single time someone tells me they’re not a cat person, I always say to them that it doesn’t matter. Everyone is a cat person, when they’re surrounded by so much cat energy!

The Caturday Experience!
Visiting Caturday Cafe in Bangkok

Both our visits to Caturday Cafe began with a short wait outside, as the place was packed both times. The queue was moving quickly, so it wasn’t really a problem for us. It’s a nice touch that people don’t have to wait in line. Instead, they can sit down and rest for a bit on the benches just outside.

Caturday Cafe, Bangkok

The Lovely Cat-themed Design

As you walk in, you need to take your shoes off and wash your hands. The shoe and sink area is decorated with hundreds of little cat knick-knacks and cat-related posters and pictures. You walk in with a smile on your face and what you see is simply impossible to describe in a blog post (hence the photos).

The interior design of the coffee shop is simply wonderful. Someone had a specific idea and style in mind and they went for it without hesitance. The walls are covered with famous painting reproductions featuring cats instead of people. There is a lot of seating options around the place – tables with regular chairs and benches and also some seating arrangements on the floor. Sitting on the floor will only put you closer to the cats and allow playing with them as you sip on your coffee.

Caturday Cafe, cat cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

The Rules of Cats

There is about 20 active cats around the cafe at any given time. With over 40 of them living there, I think it’s important to know that more or less half of them doesn’t have to ‘work’ all the time. As you can see on the photos in this article, each cat is totally different from the others. They are all very well-kept to the point you look at them and they look at you and you know they think they are better than you. Especially if you visit the cafe all sweaty and rough after a long day of sightseeing.

Most of the cats are nice and friendly towards people. Some of them are obviously fed up with customers and ignore them, however, I didn’t see any of the cats being aggressive towards any customer. I really love how the place has specific rules about interacting with cats. People are not allowed to pick them up, wake them up or bother them too much. If they wanna play – play with them. If they’re sleeping – let them be.

Cat Cafe, Caturday Cafe in Bangkok

What about the brand?

In spite of this being a business making money on animals, I love the ethic the brand represents. The cats all have names, are clean and fed, brushed and played with. And seeing how bad thousands of stray cats on the streets of Bangkok have it – it’s a great feeling to see animals safe and sound.

I thought the marketing of the Caturday Cafe was spot on. All cats are featured on leaflets on the tables, some of them on the walls, on the photos and also on the Caturday Cafe Facebook fanpage. They also have a souvenir shop by the entrance where you can buy cat-featuring accessories. Mugs, pins, bags, pens and many other items might catch your interest if you want to take a cat-related souvenir back home.

Caturday Cafe, Bangkok, Thailand, cat cafe

What do they serve at a cat cafe?

What I really love about Caturday Cafe is that their menu is just as good as anything else about the place. There is a wide selection of coffees and other drinks at reasonable prices. You can also try their french fries or one of those deliciously looking cakes. The rainbow creppe cake always impressed me the most with its colourfulness and presentation.

How to get to Caturday Cafe?

You can get the BTS Sukhumvit line to get to Caturday Cafe. You will find it close to Ratchathewi BTS station.

lots of cats at Caturday Cafe in Bangkok Thailand

Caturday Cafe opening times:

Caturday Cafe is closed on Mondays, but you can go there any other day of the week. Opening times are 11am until 9pm from Tuesday to Friday and 12pm until 9pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

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This is the must-see place for every crazy cat lady!

Make sure you take your camera with you! It’s a great place to take a lot of Instagram-worthy photos of the cats and the cakes served there. If you haven’t been at a cat cafe before, I think it’s a great place for you to try out. It’s much more fun than you can imagine. Regardless of whether you want to play with cats or just look at them for a little while. Living and working in hectic Bangkok, people often don’t have time to look after a pet and adopt one. A cat cafe is a great place where they can go every time they miss being around a fluffy friend.

If you went to Caturday Cafe or any other cat cafe, let me know in the comments what you think!

cat at Caturday Cafe in Bangkok, Thailand

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If you want to see the cats in action, check out our vlog from the visit to Caturday! (starts at: 7:27)

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      Nigdzie nigdy nie widziałem tylu pięknych kociaków jak w kociej kawiarni można zobaczyć. 🙂 Pozdrawiam.

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  1. I’m always fascinated by the phenomenon of cat cafes. there are so many of them by now and I just simply don’t get it, probably because I’m not the cat person. I’d try to visit one, out of curiosity but I’m almost sure I’d hate it. Still you made even more curious about them!

    1. Post

      Thanks for your comment, Kami! It’s an interesting point, some people just don’t like cats – and that’s OK! I’m not a big fan of dogs myself, but I think I’d give a dog cafe a go as well, because it’s just nice to be around animals, no matter if I’m a cat person or a dog person. I’d go to a fox cafe and a hamster cafe if they were a thing too ! 🙂

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  3. Wow, never heard of cat cafes. However, since I’m not a cat person that’s not very surprising. Still, would love to see a place like that. Great read, I enjoyed it. Cheers! 😉

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