10 Luxury Bangkok Condos on Airbnb under $50 USD

10 Bangkok Luxury Condo For Rent Feature

Ever wondered what is the cost of a stay at a luxury condo in the heart of Bangkok, one of the most amazing cities in the world? Today I’ve got a list of 10 Deluxe Condos with Pool Access under $50 USD per night! The prices start at as low as $19 USD!

When I was doing my extensive research on apartment rentals in Bangkok, I finally got myself to check the Airbnb listings.

To my surprise, some of the condos available for rental for even as short as one night were much more affordable than most hostels.

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The hostel that we used to stay in cost us $21 USD. It was a budget option with a shared bathroom – doesn’t sound very luxurious, does it?

Bangkok Airbnb Condo

Meanwhile, there are lots of condos with private bathrooms, amazing views, pool access and gym available! In Bangkok! And for as low price as $19 USD per night! How crazy is that?

Next time when I have to rent a short term place in Bangkok, I will definitely go with Airbnb. Why?

Hotel prices are simply too high and there’s no way you could get a private room with a bathroom, kitchen access, laundry machine, gym access and a pool even for $50!

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If you’d like to compare Airbnb prices to the ones from Agoda (which I find cheapest from all the hotel search engines available) here’s a link to Bangkok hotels on Agoda.

10 Bangkok Stays Under $50 USD!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that daily rental prices don’t include the service charges or the one-time cleaning charge. Prices may also vary depending on availability and owner’s decisions. The prices presented here were found during a search sample dates for one night stay between 8 and 15 December 2016. All images belong to the Airbnb hosts mentioned.

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1. Luxury on a budget

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

A 2 bedroom luxury apartment in a great location nearby On Nut BTS station.

You would be staying with a host living in one of the two bedrooms who also offers in the property description on the Airbnb to show you around Bangkok during weekends.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Previous guests recommend the host in their reviews and praise the area, small distance to Big C Shopping Mall and some less known local temples.

There’s a 50THB fee to pay if you’d like to use the pool or the gym, but with the price as low as $15 USD a night, it’s understandable.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Booking details:
Price per night: $15 USD
Service fee: $2 USD
Nearest station: On Nut BTS
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/9418231

2. Go for a swim directly from the balcony

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

This property is a hit! You get direct access from the apartment to the outside swimming pool area. The place is situated in short proximity to various dining and shopping places, great nightlife, and local attractions.

Taste a little bit of luxury at an affordable price and with a sense of privacy, you wouldn’t normally get at a crowded hotel.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

I mean, what standard can you get staying at a hostel for $29 USD a night? Certainly not a direct pool access from the balcony of your hotel room!

Booking details:
Price per night: $29 USD
Cleaning fee: $14 USD
Service fee: $5 USD
Nearest station: Rama 9 MRT
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/14922577

3. Infinity Pool on 34th Floor

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

This gorgeous modern apartment strikes with elegance. A fully equipped kitchen on top of home theater system and a washing machine available with no extra charges, it’s a bargain! But there’s more.

You can spend your days enjoying the hot Thai weather and escape the hectic city without leaving the building!

The swimming pool on the 34th floor is a great spot to relax and forget that the outside world exists.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Previous tenants praise the hosts for being very accommodating and find the large bathtub a highlight of this property.

Booking details:
Price per night: $42 USD
Service fee: $5 USD
Nearest station: Phra Khanong BTS
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/12030649

4. Make yourself at home

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Close to Punnawithi BTS station, this lovely condo is located in a residential area with good access to public transport and local attractions.

With quite a high cleaning fee, it’s probably a better choice for stays of at least 5 days onwards.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

The elegant interior and a beautiful outside swimming pool will make you feel right at home.

You can also relax and exercise in a well-equipped gym downstairs if you’d rather stay in and avoid the heat.

Judging by the looks, this one is one of my personal favorites.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Booking details:
Price per night: $27 USD
Cleaning fee: $23 USD
Service fee: $6 USD
Nearest station: Punnawithi MRT
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/13455206

5. Have a taste of luxury

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

If you ever thought living in luxury is not within your budget range, this will prove you wrong.

With price as low as $15 USD per night, this amazing 1 bedroom apartment on the 28th floor of a new condo will be a great place to unwind.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Whether you’re in Bangkok for business or as a tourist, this is a fantastic place to rest after a long hectic day in the city.

This modern condo offers a gorgeous swimming pool, outside gardens, a brand new gym with great equipment and a breathtaking view of the city skyline.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Make yourself at home in this fabulous apartment with a cozy bedroom, a fully equipped kitchen and a beautiful bathroom.

The small kitchen annex also has a dining table and balcony access for your convenience.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Booking details:
Price per night: $15 USD
Cleaning fee: $18 USD
Service fee: $4 USD
Nearest station: Ramkhamheang Airport Link
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/10001308

6. Long term luxury stay

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

This chic one bedroom suite with an extra sofa bed in the living room can accommodate up to 4 people, so if you’re traveling with friends or children, this might be the best way to go.

Another elegant condo nearby Ratchathewi BTS station offers a large swimming pool and a spacious gym on top of all the luxuries within the apartment itself.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

If you want to rent an apartment in Bangkok and be close to the best shopping areas, this one is right in the city center with walking distance to Siam Paragon or Platinum Mall.

It’s both traveler- and business-friendly, and with the weekly and monthly discounts could be the best choice if you’re planning to stay in Bangkok for longer than two or three nights.

Booking details:
Price per night: $28 USD
Weekly discount: 5%
Monthly discount: 10%
Cleaning fee: $14 USD
Service fee: $5 USD
Nearest station: Ratchathewi BTS
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/11269467

7. No Extra Charge for Luxury

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

This gorgeous modern condo not only accommodates up to three people at no extra charge but also offers a beautiful swimming pool area on the 8th floor available to you at no extra charge.

I love the fact that so many affordable condos in Bangkok offer gorgeous pools where you can spend an afternoon working on your laptop and living your glamorous digital nomad life.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

It’s located in the heart of Bangkok and offers a free tuk-tuk service to Sukhumvit Road.

If you’d like to enjoy a couple of days in a great area full of nice cafes and awesome dining places, definitely consider this listing. It’s a fantastic location if you want to explore the city and feel right at home at the same time.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Booking details:
Price per night: $45 USD
Service fee: $5 USD
Nearest station: Ekamai BTS
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/15118861

8. A 5-Star Rating

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

A spacious, bright living room with a dining area and a TV, a fully equipped kitchen and a desk for your convenience – this condo is a great choice for business travelers.

But whether you’re coming to Bangkok for business or just to do a little bit of sightseeing, this apartment has something to offer to everyone!

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Everything you might need is right there, but what I really love about living in a condo in a city like Bangkok is the view of the city skyline straight from the bedroom.

You can indulge yourself in an afternoon nap, knowing there’s a whole crazy world out there just behind your window. And it’s the most relaxing thing ever when you can just put on a blindfold and forget about it all!

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

This Airbnb host stands out with a 5-star rating average coming from over 70 reviews!

There is a 24 hour 7 Eleven right outside the condo and with the building located so close to Makkasan Airport Link, it’s a great Airbnb listing for people coming from the airport!

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

What can be better, than a condo that will make you feel like you’re staying at a luxury hotel after a long flight?

Booking details:
Price per night: $31 USD
Weekly discount: 2%
Monthly discount: 4%
Cleaning fee: $5 USD
Service fee: $4 USD
Nearest station: Petchaburi MRT / Makkasan Airport Link
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/6741560

9. Digital Nomad’s Purple Home

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

I personally love it when a place where I stay has its own character. There are so many bland apartments for rent on the market! This condo really stands out with the purple accents around the apartment.

The large pool area will take your breath away, too!

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

The condo is located close to Suan Luang Rama IX Public Park, Nongbon Water Sports Center and a Bang Nam Pheung floating market.

You shouldn’t have any problems keeping yourself busy or spending your days actively, exploring the local area!

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Spend a few days in this cozy condo enjoying all the perks of the gym and the pool without any other worries. If you’re a digital nomad looking a homely place to stay for a few weeks, maybe this is the best listing for you!

Booking details:
Price per night: $18 USD
Cleaning fee: $11 USD
Service fee: $3 USD
Nearest station: Punnawithi BTS
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/10185420

10. A Cheeky City Break

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

With two double beds available, this is the best option for groups of friends or families with children coming to Bangkok for a weekend city break!

As you can see, this condo is very bright and cozy. A fridge, air-con and a flatscreen tv are also provided.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

The amenities of this deluxe condo include a large outdoor swimming pool area, a gym and a kids zone with a playground.

The weekly and monthly discounts make this Airbnb listing also an attractive option for digital nomads working remotely in Bangkok area.

Bangkok Airbnb Condos

Booking details:
Price per night: $29 USD
Weekly discount: 10%
Monthly discount: 25%
Service fee: $3 USD
Nearest station: Udom Suk BTS
Link to the property: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/13089727

Our Airbnb Discount for You

How amazing are some of these places? I honestly can’t believe I used to pay the same money for such low standards in Bangkok when I stayed in hostels!

But I guess, you gotta pay for your own mistakes and it’s in my best interest not to repeat them in the future. Next time I’m staying at an Airbnb.

$27 OFF When You Book with Airbnb

If you’re headed to Bangkok and you’d like to try Airbnb, you can use our link, register and get $27 USD discount from Airbnb on Your First Booking!*

What were your experiences with renting apartments using Airbnb? How does it compare to hotels or homestays in your opinion?

Let us know in the comments below!

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*See Terms and Conditions

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