How to get a visa for Myanmar in Bangkok?

Getting visa for Myanmar in Bangkok

A lot of people think getting a visa while abroad is a hassle. Not in this case. Getting your visa for Myanmar will take about an hour of your time and you can even get it done on the same day if you must.

Why we chose Bangkok to apply for a visa to Myanmar?

We couldn’t get a visa in our home country as there is no embassy or consulate. We decided to do it in Bangkok – our first destination during our God-knows-how-long journey around South East Asia.

What you need to apply for Visa to Myanmar in Bangkok:

All you need to get a visa for Myanmar is:

  • a two-page application form
  • 2 colour passport photos
  • your passport
  • a photocopy of the photo page of your passport

Please remember that your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after your planned departure date from Myanmar. You must have at least 2 pages still empty in your passport (1 for the visa and then 1 for immigration stamps).

Bear in mind you can apply for 28 days only. There are NO OTHER OPTIONS for a tourist visa for Myanmar at this time.

There are no extensions available for tourists who want to stay in Myanmar for a period longer than 28 days. The only alternative is to leave Myanmar and apply for another 28 days tourist visa. The embassy in Bangkok might be the closest and most convenient place to sort it out.

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Where is the Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok?

The Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok is located on Sathon Tai Road. How to get there? The easiest way would probably be a taxi or Grab (Uber is no longer available in Thailand).

Otherwise, you can take the BTS Silom Line heading towards Bang Wa in Thonburi and depart on Surasak BTS station. Use Exit 3 to leave the station and another 5-minute walk will take you to the Embassy of Myanmar area.

how to get a visa for myanmar in bangkok

how to get a visa for myanmar in bangkok

See the heart for the location of the right place to apply for tourist visa to go to Myanmar.

Mind that the entrance is from the main street about 100 meters further down of the big sign on the wall (see photos).

myanmar embassy in bangkok
myanmar embassy bangkok entrance myanmar embassy bangkok entrance

The Embassy of Myanmar in Bangkok opening hours:

Visa applications are accepted Monday through Friday from 9:00 till 12:00 and the visa collection time is between 15:30 and 17:00.

Please note that embassy is closed on Thai and Burmese national holidays. We recommend getting there no later than 10:00 am before most tourists arrive. The queues might get long for applications, the collection is much quicker if you’re wondering.

How to apply for a Myanmar visa in Bangkok:

At first, after you get through security and arrive at the reception desk, ask for an application form and the queue number ticket. There is a chance a few people will be waiting in line. This will give you enough time to fill out your forms. You can use a template below or the one stuck to the wall in the waiting room.

Myanmar tourist visa application form 2018

Myanmar tourist visa application form 2018

Application processing system is quick and efficient so it will be your turn in no time.

Hand in your documentation and pay according to how quickly you want to get your visa done. Find below the breakdown of application fees for tourist visas.

Current fees for Myanmar tourist visa 2018:

Standard price for a 28 days tourist visa for Myanmar is 1600 THB. The processing time of the visa, in this case, will be up to three working days.

If you’d prefer to collect your tourist visa for Myanmar the next day, you can pay an extra 500 THB fee.

An express visa is an extra 650 THB of an additional fee to collect it on the same day. Simply come in in the morning and collect it in the afternoon.

Handing in documents to apply for a visa to Myanmar:

When your number is being called in, you hand in all the documents together. Try to have everything ready for your turn. Everything moves quickly in the embassy as they go through hundreds of people per day.

Make sure you pick up your collection slip with your name and collection date on it. Double check if the collection date of your visa matches the price you paid before.

Collecting your visa:

When it comes to collecting your visa, the process is easier than buying a pack of chewing gum at 7/11.

The collection is in the same room where you handed your application in, only this time you don’t need a queue number. People start to form a line about 15 minutes before the window is open. If you don’t like standing in long lines, arrive a little earlier, otherwise join the queue and the wait shouldn’t be too long anyway.

The collection takes about a minute after you hand in your slip. You just need to sign a form and there you go. You are a proud owner of visa for the Union of Myanmar!

how to get a visa for myanmar in bangkok

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