Future Projects

photo of authors - future projects page
As all travellers, there is a number of things we would like to do in the future. Of course, the sooner the better. A lot of projects come to mind, but traveling is a time-consuming activity. You can only do things properly if you do them step by step. Preparation is the key. People always ask us what our plan is. This is where you will find out.

The page will be updated every time a new project comes up, so if you’re interested in what’s coming our way, visit again in a few weeks. You never know, things may change drastically even over a couple of days.



Our big dream of living a travel lifestyle will be put to a trial once again. We’ve been away from home numerous times. We know how it feels to be a digital nomad. But we’ve never traveledĀ for a whole year non-stop. Our future project A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A TRAVELER will be just that.

Our plan is loose as for know, but there is a lot of places we would like to see during this wonderful project. We would hope to spend a few months in breathtaking Indonesia, finally make our way to Laos and Myanmar to finish off South-East Asia, re-visit Japan and Malaysia and see a little bit of Taiwan. Some would say it’s a lot, some would say it’s not enough. Plans always change during an adventure this big and that’s the beauty of it – the unpredictability.

What we hope to achieve during this time is to produce top-quality content for our readers and viewers. We want to create complete guides to many underrated places and show them to others on our YouTube channel. Our aim isĀ to develop our writing and filming skills to make sure visiting our website and following our adventure is just as exciting to our followers, as it is exciting to us. We feel the need to taste many cuisines and bring the recipes back home. But most of all, we want to embrace the life of a digital nomad and make this year just the start of a big new chapter in our lives.

Stay with us and follow our Facebook fanpage. See us grow not only as a travel website, but as people.