About us

greg and sylwester, onthewaytotv.com authors

I’m sure that when first met over 6 years ago, neither one of us thought we were going to travel the world together.

In January 2016 we quit our jobs and moved out of our apartment. It was the first step towards making our dream come true. We film our adventures to share them with our viewers on YouTube at On the way to TV and at Greg + Sylwester.

Who are we?

Greg (’90) is a free-spirited outspoken adventure-enthusiast. Stubborn and reliable coffee-lover, a dog person, the youngest out of three and the one responsible for the craziest ideas.

Sylwester (’91) is a creative introvert, a short-tempered cat-lover, and an only child. A dreamer and a storyteller at heart, taking life one day at a time making sure his memories are carefully registered either on video or in the written word.

What do we do?

With two unique points of view, we try to discover as much of the world as possible. We visit all kinds of places, from the most touristy spots to little towns you’ve never heard of – and we travel on every budget level.

Sometimes you’ll find us in a cheap hostel eating local street food, other time enjoying our stay at a fancy hotel after dining in the best restaurant in town. Experience is what matters.

We like to keep ourselves busy. Diving, trekking, spelunking – you name it. We’ve either done it or we’re planning on doing it!

This blog is where you can find detailed information about the most amazing destinations. Lists of tips and travel guides, itineraries and our thoughts about life in foreign countries. Reviews of tours, hotels, airlines, and best dining spots.

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